According to an article ( posted by the Chronicle Herald, the estimated number of Nova Scotians waiting for a space in a nursing home or residential care facility is 2,551.

One commenter suggests that this estimation does not truly represent the need for long-term beds as, “all over Canada there are families stretched to the limit as they try to care for their loved ones at home.” The commenter adds that people might not be adding their loved ones to the wait lists because they don’t want them to be placed too far away from home, so that they will be unable to visit them every day.

These figures represent the wait times current on August 25th/2013, and the need for care is only increasing.

Long wait times put a lot of pressure on families to act as primary care givers, or jump on opportunities for long-term care when they present themselves. This can leave a lot of unfinished business, and make it hard to live up to your loved ones expectations during the final stages of their life. As they age, most people wish to remain at home with their family, friends and the memories that prevail in their family home.

But, there are options!

Hiring a private home care agency can have many benefits – and not just the limited (or non-existent) wait time.

Always Homecare prides itself on being a favoured alternative to long-term care facilities for those who wish to live out the final stages of their lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes. However, the benefits of hiring Always Homecare are not just limited to providing care in-home.

At Always Peace Of Mind Elder Care we work with you to create a personalized care plan suited to you or your loved one’s unique needs. That could mean anything from light housekeeping to personal care, and some in between.

Once we’ve created a plan ‘just right’ for you and your family, we work to find the ‘just right’ care provider for your needs. That means we will work with your loved ones specialized needs to match you with the ideal home support worker. Our staff are pleasant, respectful, kind and experienced individuals who share our vision of assisting Nova Scotians remain independent at home.

When we’ve matched you and your loved one with the ‘just right’ care provider, we aim to keep the care consistent. They will get to know the same face or faces, each visit. Before you know it, they have found a new friend, confident and helper.

Along with your loved ones ‘just right’ home support worker, your loved one will be introduced to your own in-office Service Coordinator. They will get to know you and your loved ones needs, and implement any changes upon your request. They will assist with any concerns that you may have, and help you in optimizing your schedule.

We even have employees working round-the-clock to ensure all your loved ones needs and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Waiting to move your loved one into long-term care for some piece of mind can be avoided. There are alternatives, and more personalized home care services available in Nova Scotia. Now your loved one can fulfill their wishes of aging in place and you can also have your piece of mind (and then some).

Hiring a private agency such as Peace Of Mind has its benefits – but how can we benefit YOU! Call today and find out!